The Delhi University Botanical Society (DUBS) completed its 64Th year with various activities in keeping up with its objective to ensure a well-rounded scientific education for the students.
Professor V. P Singh : Chairperson of DUBS, Head of the Department,
Prof D. B. Sahoo, Prof .Veena Agarwal : Staff Advisor,
Dr Girish Mishra : Treasurer of DUBS,
Ms. Bhavana Sharma- President

Events held in the recent past


April 18


Dr. Anurag Agrawal (Scientist, IGIB)

March 24

DUBS Quiz competition


Feb 10

Issues Related to Gender Sensitization and Sexual Harassment

Dr. Poorva Bharadwaj (a social activist)

February 5

Asking the right question : in search of early Angiosperms

Prof. David Dilcher (Palaeobotanist, Indiana University)


December 16

Flow cytometry and its application

Prof. David W. Galbraith (University of Arizona)

November 12

Prof. Panchanan Maheshwari Memorial Lecture - Indian Agriculture : Gloom to Glory

Dr. H.S. Gupta (Director General, Borlaug Institute for South Asia)

September 22-24

Prof.B.M.Johri Rolling Shield Paper Presentation contest - Does climate change influence Food and Energy Security

September 12

Film show on Botanical Excursion to Kerala

Prof. A. K. Pandey

September 5

Teachers day - "DNA of Words: walking with ancestors".

Dr. Rajendra Gupta

August 28 Using gene networks to understand the evolution of developmental mechanisms Prof. Neelima R. Sinha (University of California)
August 21 Inaugural lecture Dr Rajesh Gokhle (Director IGIB)