Delhi University Botanical Society (DUBS)

Founded in 1950 by Professor P. Maheshwari, DUBS may be the only student society at the University of Delhi to have continued this long. The objectives of the society, as outlined in the first issue of the first volume of the magazine "The Botanica", are to introduce to students various aspects of Botany that are not usually dealt with in the classroom and to give them a well-rounded education by organizing various co- and extra �curricular activities like field collection trips, lectures by eminent scientists, seminars, debates, quizzes and of course, paper presentation competitions. The Society continues to pursue these objectives with great enthusiasm and hopes to continue to do so in years to come.

Office Bearers for 2013-2014:

Position Names
President Shivangi Upadhyay
Vice President Pawan Parashar
General Secretary Garima Anand
Joint Secretary Nisha Khatri
Cultural Secretary Ashima Mehra
M.Phil Mithilesh Kumar Gupta
Ph.D Renu Puri
M.Sc(Previous) Jaishree Subrahmaniam
M.Sc(Previous) Garima Sharma
M.Sc(Final) Ruchika
The Botanica is a scientific journal published two times a year by the Delhi University Botanical Society.

Editor- in-Chief:

  • Dr. Rupam Kapoor

Editorial Board:

  • Nidhi S. Chandra
  • Ankita Bidalia
  • Pawan Parashar
  • Garima Anand
  • Neeraja Singh
  • Isha Kohli
  • Saurab Anand
  • Devender Singh Meena

International Society of Plant Morphologists (ISPM)

The Society was founded in 1951 to promote "international cooperation in the study of, and diffusion of useful knowledge in, the fields of Plant Morphology, Anatomy and Embryology,�". Past presidents include illuminaries of the field, such as P. Maheshwari, I. W. Bailey, B.M. Johri, A.S. Foster, V. Puri, J. Heslop-harrison and H. Y. Mohan Ram. Coverage of disciplines has now been expanded to plant sciences in general and interdisciplinary studies in particular. The office of the Society is located in the premises of the Department of Botany.

*It was registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 (Registration No. S/6/8 of 1953-1954, dated 28 April 1953


Phytomorphology is an international journal published by the International Society of Plant Morphologists, and housed at the Department of Botany, University of Delhi. The journal, established in 1951, was dedicated to publication in the areas of plant morphology and embryology, two strengths of the Department through the 1950's to the 1970's. Subsequently, the journal was opened up to publication in other areas of plant sciences. The journal is now up to volume 62.

Editor-Chief: Prof. Veena Agrawal,

Editorial Board:

  • AKINNIFESI, F.K., World Agroforestry Centre,Malawi (Agricultural Sciences)
  • AMARAL,L.I.V.,Universidade de Brasilia,Brazil (Plant Physiology,Histochemistry,Seed Biology)
  • CHATTOO,B.B.,M.S. University of Baroda,India (Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology)
  • IWATSUKI, K., University of Tokyo,Japan (Cytology, Cytotaxonomy, Evolution)
  • KHARE, P.B.,National Botanical Research Institute,India (Archegoniatae,Pteridophytes)
  • LAKHANPAL, T.N.,Himachal Pradesh University,India (Mycology, Plant Pathology, Microbial Taxonomy)
  • PANDEY, ARUN K.,University of Delhi,Delhi-110007,India (Plant Systematics)
  • PAPINI, ALESSIO, Universita di Firenze,Italy (Molecular Plant Taxonomy)
  • PARDHA SARADHI, P., Department of Environmental Biology India (Plant Physiology, Biochemistry)
  • RAINA, S.N., Amity University, India (Cellular and molecular Cytogenetics)
  • RAO, K.S., University of Delhi, India (Ecology, Natural Resource Management)
  • SAXENA, K.G., Jawaharlal Nehru University, India (Ecosystem Ecology, Conservation Biology)
  • SOPORY, S.K., Jawaharlal Nehru University, India (Molecular Biology, Biotechnology)
  • TANDON, PRAMOD, North-Eastern Hill University, India (Plant Physiology and Plant Biotechnology),
  • VARMA, ANUPAM, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, India (Plant Virology, Plant Pathology, Plant Biotechnology and Crop Protection)
  • YADAV, R.R., Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany, Lucknow-226007, India (Palaeobotany)